Turner Little tried to held me hostage

  • Company incorporation by Turner Little turns into a nightmare.
  • Charges skyrocket during the last year.
  • Nothing is service; greed is good!
  • My new bank accounts.

Asset protection is a nice idea, especially when thunderstorms surround your personal life. Turner Little sold me a holding and some other companies to protect my assets. It turns out that I don’t need this at all to protect my assets. I paid a high yearly sum for all companies and as it looks now it was all for nothing.

After all these challenges I decided to leave Turner Little and find another provider. I found one but the hard time they gave me when trying to leave was childish and clearly showed th true working ethics of the company. They probably watched Gordon Gekko too much and might believe that greed is good.

Turner Little offered me to open a bank account at FBME bank. That went wrong. Terribly wrong. My companies needed to keep on operating and I needed another bank account. Turner Little charged me a fee to open an account at Euro Pacific Bank in Grenada. This bank was under investigation by the Americans. Bank number three that was offered to me was Rietumu Banka in Latvia. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that there are also problems with this bank.

I am not a banker, accountant, lawyer or other financial specialist. I trust companies like Turner Little to do the due diligence for me and then expect to be offered quality. Specifically when I pay them a modest fee for this service. Obviously this is not something I can complain about at Turner Little. They only see me as their money tree to rattle as long as it has no leaves anymore.

Are you a current customer of Turner Little or do you consider to become one? Do your research, read between the lines and ask for a second opinion. It will help you and spare you sleepless nights.

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