Turner Little tried to held me hostage

  • Company incorporation by Turner Little turns into a nightmare.
  • Charges skyrocket during the last year.
  • Nothing is service; greed is good!
  • My new bank accounts.

Asset protection is a nice idea, especially when thunderstorms surround your personal life. Turner Little sold me a holding and some other companies to protect my assets. It turns out that I don’t need this at all to protect my assets. I paid a high yearly sum for all companies and as it looks now it was all for nothing.

After all these challenges I decided to leave Turner Little and find another provider. I found one but the hard time they gave me when trying to leave was childish and clearly showed th true working ethics of the company. They probably watched Gordon Gekko too much and might believe that greed is good.

Turner Little offered me to open a bank account at FBME bank. That went wrong. Terribly wrong. My companies needed to keep on operating and I needed another bank account. Turner Little charged me a fee to open an account at Euro Pacific Bank in Grenada. This bank was under investigation by the Americans. Bank number three that was offered to me was Rietumu Banka in Latvia. It wouldn’t come as a surprise that there are also problems with this bank.

I am not a banker, accountant, lawyer or other financial specialist. I trust companies like Turner Little to do the due diligence for me and then expect to be offered quality. Specifically when I pay them a modest fee for this service. Obviously this is not something I can complain about at Turner Little. They only see me as their money tree to rattle as long as it has no leaves anymore.

Are you a current customer of Turner Little or do you consider to become one? Do your research, read between the lines and ask for a second opinion. It will help you and spare you sleepless nights.

The suspicious relationship between Turner Little and FBME Bank

  • FBME Bank has an office in York (UK) since 2006 with secretary services from Turner Little.
  • Company broker introduced hundreds of their customers to a bank they should know was about to end.
  • High charges for bogus solutions while Turner Little is in bed with the bank.

The Federal Bank of the Middle East (FBME bank) is the latest victim of the vigorous approach of governments and central banks to create a sound financial system. The bank has been accused of facilitating a platform for money laundering and to fund terrorism. But that’s not all. Hundreds of accounts have been found by the regulatory bodies where KYC procedures have not been met. Numerous accounts have been opened for bogus companies, with directors who had no clue about the business activities or even for companies that should not be allowed to have a bank account at all; human  traffickers, forced prostitution, pyramid schemes and even accounts used in phising attacks were found during the recent investigation.

Incorporated in 2006, o5-02, FBME Bank Limited in York has two shareholders; Fadi Saab (1949) and his brother Ayoub-Farid Saab (1939). The company is registered under number 05802936, is active and in good standing. The surprising part is that the secretary of the bank is the infamous firm Turner Little. Turner Little is well known for over charging its customers and giving mediocre advice.

It is quite interesting to see that Turner Little offers its customers – they introduced to FBME Bank in the first place – a pricy solution to get their money back. Shouldn’t they offer this service for free? Shouldn’t they give back the fee the customers paid them in the first place? It’s amazing to see that customer would even consider to hire the services Turner Little offers for a problem they created themselves.

There is not much reliable information available. It seems that the central bank does not want to provide information or does not know either. The FBME Ltd website is a farce from the beginning and the media in Cyprus seems to express the FBME voice. Only one serious explanation of the current situation was discussed here.  It seems the big dogs involved hope this will just end by itself. Unfortunately these things never do.

For more information on FBME bank limited in York, do a Google search and type ‘FBME bank limited York’ to make up your own mind.

The Daily Mail on Turner Little’s fraud


  • More than 20,000 companies being run by only a few dozen people, BBC Panorama finds
  • Individuals are being paid to front businesses in tax havens they have nothing to do with – an illegal act in the UK
  • Probe films brokers admitting more chance of winning the lottery than being caught by HMRC
  • Another man says about tax evasion ‘we wouldn’t give a monkeys’

A web of tens of thousands of bogus companies set up in Britain and fronted by sham directors dotted around the globe is helping aggressive tax evaders and criminals keep millions, an investigation revealed today.

An undercover BBC probe has exposed the illegal scam after they secretly filmed brokers bragging they had more chance of ‘winning the lottery’ than being caught by HM Revenue and Customs.

Tonight’s Panorama lays bare a network of at least 21,000 of these companies, headed by just a few dozen puppet managers in various obscure countries who are paid just to front the tax fiddle.

Many of these ‘corporate service providers’ are based in the UK – and are willing to set up tax evasion schemes and sometimes allow money laundering of criminal funds.

Behind the scenes these brokers are controlling the investments, and cleaning dirty money or hiding assets from the UK tax man.

James Turner of Turner Little in York, said on film he had 10,000 of these set up and HMRC had ‘never got to the money’.

Admitting that they were fronted by nominee directors he said: ‘They won’t even know that they are a director, they just get paid,’ adding that these individuals just sign off documents and send it back in the post.

The BBC also filmed Russell Lebe, Managing Director of Readymade Companies Worldwide, who was willing to invest money via India.

He said if the authorities got in contact about potential tax evasion ‘we wouldn’t give a monkeys’.

One undercover reporter approached a broker and said he had £6million of undeclared cash in Switzerland, and was told to siphon it through Belize, which would be controlled in secret behind one of these puppet directors.

Jesse Hester, from Atlas Corporate Services, is filmed saying: ‘Tax authorities don’t have the resources to chase everybody down. They reckon it’s probably the same rough odds as probably winning the lottery’.

The fake directors they use nearly always live in far-flung places and only pretend to control the businesses, an illegal act that the UK Government said they had crushed decades ago.

These arrangements, found by the BBC in a joint sting with the Guardian and the Washington-based International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, make sure it is sufficiently complicated to ensure HMRC struggle to trace the cash and allows rich individuals to conceal their assets.

Nominee directors are not illegal as long as they are involved in the running of the business and know what the company is doing. Therefore these sham managers are not allowed.

Conspiracy: Expert Jonathan Fisher QC said if the system is being used in this way then it is clearly criminal

White collar crime expert Jonathan Fisher QC said the system breaks the law.

‘If this proceeded and the company was set up and it was set up in the way in which it is being discussed, then plainly some very serious criminal offences would be committed,’ he said.

After the sting James Turner denied any wrongdoing and Turner Little said it takes its responsibilities seriously, launching an internal investigation.

The controversial evasion technique became famous in the 1990s when it was used in the Channel Islands – known as the ‘Sark Lark – before it was stamped out by the then Tory government.

One person was found to be the directors of at least 1,300 companies and the 600 people who lived there held 15,000 directorships.

This has all but disappeared on the island after the law was changed but now it appears that it has returned in strength around the globe.

Former Met Police Detective Superintendent Tristram Hicks, an expert on money laundering, said: ‘What I’m shocked by, and concerned by, is the apparent ease with which you’ve discovered these people.’

HMRC say that most of these 2,000-plus corporate service providers operate legally but admitted that they have never prosecuted anyone for setting up a system to help evade tax or launder money in this way.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2238626/Tens-thousands-bogus-British-companies-run-sham-directors-cheat-tax-millions-aggressive-evasion-practices.html#ixzz49b538cjq 11111111111